Monday, November 17, 2008

Whose Side Are YOU On?

Damn. I don't get it. I'm still totally digging Season 3 of NBC's HEROES, but it is getting it's ass handed to itself in the press! While still drawing impressive numbers, it's ratings are down significantly over it's original run. This has led to claims that the show has 'jumped the shark' and that some major changes need to happen to return it to it's Nielson glory.

Suffice to say that I was fucking floored to see NBC cave to those requests for change by firing co-executive producers Jeph Loeb and Jesse Alexander, both of whom ran the show on a day-to-day basis under creator Tim Kring. Supposedly, Alexander and Loeb were let go because of Peacock execs' frustration with the creative direction of the show...which, again, leads me to ask them what fucking show are they watching?! I think the show is back to form after a slow-moving Season 2.

Regardless, Loeb is an Emmy-nominated film/TV writer/producer and (more importantly) a Eisner-winning comic book writer. It's that pedigree and legendary background in comics that provided an ethos to the show that helped to make it so least to me. I don't see giving him the heave-ho being a wise move, but I guess we'll see. Again, I think the show is still one of the best on TV...hope the NBC suits don't fuck it up.

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