Friday, November 21, 2008

What the Hell Happened?

I went from Heroes to Star Trek to a 5 day Dr. Who binge...i'm one Star Wars post away from completely going to over to the dark side and becoming a fully-tenured Geek Sith Lord (if I haven't already).

I think I need to spend the weekend snorting steaks off of a stripper's ass, while wearing one of those beer holder/hard hats, high-fiving my friends, mainlining testosterone and watching the 1985 Bears Super Bowl on a giant HD plasma TV...but Doctor Who is on Saturday night, so maybe Sunday.

Have a good weekend and enjoy a tune even a DALEK would love in the AMBFAD jukebox!

1 comment:

Barbara Allen said...

You could watch that Dalek porn. Actually, that might be a step further into Geek Sith Lord territory. Maybe you can get a stripper named Rose to call you "Doctor" if you tip her extra.