Tuesday, November 11, 2008

'I Was but the Learner; now *I* am the Master.'

Doh! I almost forget to post up w/ a sort-of follow up to an earlier entry about the culture shock of seeing your own kids play w/ the same toys you did. The entire family was over at a friends pad on Saturday and while i'm in the kitchen w/ the other 'head of the household', discussing winter microbrews and the best hot dogs you can buy at the grocery store...Logan comes strolling through w/ the bad boy above.

That's right, true-believers...the 'force is strong in that one' and, while playing downstairs w/ the rest of the kids, Lo had grabbed the original Kenner Imperial Tie-Fighter straight outta' 1977! It seems it used to be the other Dad's Brother's from back in the day and was part of an entire armada of the original Kenner Star Wars vehicles, play-sets and action figures he had downstairs. Both of them have daughters, so they were unplayed with and in great condition considering their age.

Needless to say, we busted them ALL out and walked the boys through the entire rogue's gallery. They looked at us like we were nuts and (really) we were, but they also seemed to catch on they were getting to play around w/ something pretty freaking cool. It felt like going back in time...long, long ago...to when I was 6, but still legal to drink the beer in my other hand.

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