Wednesday, November 05, 2008

So Long. Farewell. Happy Trails. Sayonara.

So, yeah, this'll be my last political post for a while. I'll part by saying that the John McCain who gave that concession speech last night, is the man I may not have voted for...but would have felt decent enough about having in office. It's amazing to me just how awful that campaign was run in contrast to his opponent. I can't and don't begrudge him at all...I think he's a good man, who let this campaign and the people running it for him, change him. Best of luck.

Conversely, i'd like to say 'don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out' to the following folks:

I'd still 'drill (you) baby drill (you)', but please, Sarah, barring a spread in Playboy, do stay away until at least 2012. That goes for the 'First Dude' too. And to the two Joes...

The Plumber AND...

The Lieberman

Times up, bitches. Your contributions to this election were about as important as this blog, now please go away.

No more plumbers, no more absurdist politics for a while...back to useless(but much less frustrating) stuff tomorrow. The CHANGE will be good.

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