Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'm A Rocket Man (Rocket Man)

Yeah, this review/shout-out is long overdue. Some of you may remember my fanboy gushing over the work of one Mr. Mike 'Doc' Allred back during 'Comic Book Week', where I focused in on his watershed creation MADMAN. However, as I stated in the earlier post, Allred has dished out some other wonderfully freaky comics/characters...of which, 'Red Rocket 7' is no exception.

If you could perfectly combine two of my most favorite things in the world (that aren't tits and ass)...it'd look an awful lot like 'Red Rocket 7'. What 'two things' you ask? Comic Books and Rock-N-Roll, stupid. Allred has always wore his love of rock 'n' roll and music in general on his sleeve in his work on MADMAN, but that love is fully realized in a book one half sci-fi adventure and one half VH1 Behind the Music.

'Red Rocket 7' is basically the entire history of rock 'n' roll as seen through the eyes of the seventh clone of a man from a very distant world. RR7 rubs shoulders with every legend from the birth of rock in the '50s, through the British invasion of the '60s...the advent of Heavy Metal and Glam rock in the '70s, the New Wave of the '80s, the Grunge Rock and Indie/Alt. scene in the '90s and on into the new millennium!

Really, whether you are a comic book or a music geek...this book is something worth grabbing a copy of. Luckily, it'll be a little easier as Image Comics just released both a new TPB and Deluxe Hardcover 10th Anniversary editions a few months ago. Much like the album-sized format the original series shipped in 10 years ago, the TPB comes in a dandy little 45 single sized format and features a bunch of extra art and stuff.

Track it down at your local comic book shop or order it online...you'll thank me (and 'Doc' Allred) for it!

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