Monday, November 10, 2008

Somebody Say: 'Hey, We Want Some...'


Actually, it's pronounced 'POOH-SAY' and it's an absolutely hilarious comic book by Daniel Clowes. Most of you may be familiar w/ the work of Mr. Clowes, via the film adaptations of his stories 'Ghost World' and 'Art School Confidential'...both great comics and flicks in their own right. That said, neither are anything like the saga of the man...the myth...the legend...Dan Pussey.

Our anti-hero, Dan Pussey, works his way up from a neurotic childhood to his dream job as artist in the Infinity Comics bullpen, eventually becoming the comics superstar of the 90's as the creator of the smash superhero series 'The Nauseator'. Clowes uses his story to weave together a fantastic (and oft scathing) send-up/skewering of the comic industry and medium itself. Stan Lee, Art Spiegelman, Los Bros. Hernandez and other creators, both modern and classic, all get lampooned in this humorous attack on the business.

However, young Pussey isn't just an artist/creator...he remains a stalwart fanboy even in the moments of his greatest success. Clowes also illustrates the absurdity of the comic collectors, community and conventions to the point it almost gives you, the reader a complex. The hipster and not-so-hip comic fan is shed in a light that behooves me to forewarn you...don't read this if you can't laugh at yourself.

Dan Pussey is one hell of an archetype who, while his geekdom of choice is comic books, could be the music nut/record aficionado...sports memorabilia/fantasy football enthusiast...sitting right beside you on the bus or cubicle next to you at work. More disturbingly, he could be YOU. Me? It's safe to say that there is definitely a big part of me in this Pussey, but i'm okay with that.

I just purchased it a couple of weeks ago, but it's been out for a while now in a TPB via Fantagraphics Books. You can order it online or check your more well-rounded indie comic/book shops. EXCELSIOR!


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