Monday, November 10, 2008

A Music Post? Really?!

Outside of my spasmodic posts about the Replacements re-issues a while back, I realize i've been kind of lax in any suggestions in the music department on here. Part of that is due to the October focus on Halloween and all the political junk...but it's also because I really haven't been listening to tons of 'new' stuff as of late. That said, there have been a few bright spots worth mentioning over the past 3-4 months, so let me (briefly) mention them:

The Verve - 'Forth'

A complete return to form that sounds like the band never imploded 10+ years ago after 'Urban Hymns'. Rolling space rock aplenty that also leans just as much on the scope of 'Northern Soul' as the more economic restraint on 'Hymns'. The entire album is pretty solid, but the highlights for me would be the shimmering 'Judas' and the hookier than hell first single of 'Love is Noise'.

Oasis - 'Dig Out Your Soul'

Unlike their UK counterparts in the previous review, the Brothers Gallagher may not have achieved a complete return to form...but did provide one of their most fulfilling releases since '(What's the Story) Morning Glory?' The first six tracks (unsurprisingly all written by Noel) are vintage Oasis, it's the remaining lot that (while decent) hold the album back from being a solid classic. Favorites include the rock stomper of 'Bag it Up' and the psychedelic-tinged machine gun fire of 'The Shock of the Lightning'.

Ra Ra Riot - 'The Rhumb Line'

A album of indie pop contrast to the other two in this post, but no less expansive in it's multi-layered sound. The band received a lot of decent press based on the success of fellow New Yorkers Vampire Weekend, but (at least from where i'm sitting) churned out a superior album. Tinges of a more orchestral (and upbeat) Cure or Smiths make for a satisfying listen. Who knew cellos and violins could rock this hard? Great release in it's entirety, but my faves are 'Each Year' and 'Can You Tell'.

All three albums have been out for a while, so you should have no problem tracking them down wherever you make your musical purchasing decisions. A few samples in the jukebox to the right if you need some further coaxing. Enjoy.

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