Monday, November 17, 2008

More Exciting Star Trek News... fact, arguably, MORE exciting than the new 'Star Trek' movie itself. Coming in Early-2009, a re-release of possibly one of the greatest action-figure playsets of all time. The Mego Enterprise Playset originally came out in 1975 and was for use w/ their line of Trek action figures. This thing was badass...spinning transporter...interchangeable viewscreen...captain's chair...all in a handy-dandy fold-up design.

Diamond-Select Toys will be re-releasing a completely accurate version of this bad boy sometime around February of 2009 and it'll supposedly retail somewhere around $45-60 via your favorite online/or real life comic/collectible retailer. That may sound a tad expensive, but check this TV ad for the original playset out and tell me it ain't worth it...

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