Monday, November 17, 2008

Well, It's About Time (Lord)!

In the same Sci-Fi/TV vein, i've made mention before about how, even w/ a blog named after one of his most infamous foes, I really hadn't gotten into the new BBC Doctor Who series outside of catching a few episodes here and there after we finally got Sci-Fi and BBC America via digital cable a couple of years ago. It wasn't for lack of excitement, but the US debut kind of passed me by and then I never really went back.

Well, I think that's finally changed. Over the past few Saturdays, i've been catching up on older episodes on PBS (old school!) and getting in at the start of Season 4 on BBC. Oh man, after catching the two part 'Army of Ghosts/Doomsday' where you get a war between both The Cybermen AND The Daleks...the Oods and an encounter w/ 'The Devil' in 'The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit'...amongst some other decent episodes, i've just now realized what i've been missing and become a total fanboy all over again.

Anyhow, like I said, I watched the excellent 2007 x-mas episode 'Voyage of the Damned' that kick-started the new BBC America season a couple of weeks ago and then the first actual episode 'Partners in Crime' this past Saturday. I'm hooked and the following preview clip made me even more so...

Sontarans, Daleks and Oods...OH MY!


NFWTJesus said...

As an old school fan, and SO SURPRISED this new series has truly pulled off the "reboot" (and overall tastefully so), let me suggest starting with the first season of the new series starring Christopher Eccleston bro. REALLY the best way to do it, and to start from the "beginning" as it were.

PLUS watching these on BBC America or Sci Fi, they're edited all to hell, and broken up with commercials which ruin the pace of the whole thing.

Eccleston really nailed it for me, and the current guy Tennant started to find himself nearing the end of (new) series 2 and has really come into his own these last couple of series.

Hands up-yes, fellow geek here.

EL FAMOUS said...

yeah, funny enough, i've actually seen a fair share of the Eccleston episodes and he really was very good.

that said, don't know what it is, but Tennant really seems to have tapped into that quirkiness tha made a lot of the past Doctors so fun.

i'm going to start throwing DVDS from season 1 on up into the netflix rotation. proper.

NFWTJesus said...

Yeah for sure Eccleston had his own (overall) pure take that I'd expect of an actor like him (and with a full on more "modern" take on the character/program), but I hear you on the "tapping into" front that Tennant delivers.

Probably comes from him being a fan/growing up with the show (he's gushed all the time about growing up as a Who-geek), which makes it kind of interesting. Definitely some Tom Baker in the performance to be sure.

The 2nd "new" series started off shaky for me, but really found it's legs (as did he) in the latter half. Since then, I totally believe the guy in the part and he's owned it full on.

As much as I enjoy the re-boot (something frankly I NEVER thought possible), my only complaint had been (and you'll see how this is rectified in the MOST current series #4), is the hint/introduction of a sort of romance. Without giving too much away. I got over it, but much preferred how "relationships" were handled in this current series. You'll see what I'm on about after a good viewing of all., fellow Who-geek!