Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Speaking of Yetis... cool is the ultra-boss limited edition 'Big Vinyl Yeti' from Gama-Go?! Produced in collaboration with Ningyoushi in an edition of 1000, they've actually sold out at at No worries, Yeti-lovers, you can still nab one at for $90.

For those unfamiliar w/ the most excellent Gama-Go, in late 2000, Tim Biskup, Chris Edmundson & Greg Long started screen printing t-shirts out of the basement of Greg's house. The business grew to include other cool limited edition clothing and accesories featuring some of Biskup's characters. In 2006, Tim (still a partner) stopped working creatively for Gama-Go to focus on his illustrious career in fine art.

Fun stuff, available only in certain boutique-ish joints and online. For further fun, you should check out Tim for a link to his blog and some examples of his work...or just google him. I have been a huge fan for a long time now and really dig that Jim Flora album cover influence to his style. Retro-influenced, but w/ his own mark to it.

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