Thursday, January 29, 2009

Catch the Sun (and New Single)!

Just posted up w/ some classic Doves over the weekend and *POW*...the first single, 'Jetstream', from their upcoming album 'Kingdom of Rust', showed up as a FREE download on their website,, earlier in the week. The album is actually due out 6-Apr-09 and if the Ridley Scott / Blade Runner-inspired single is any indication of the rest of the album, i'm more than stoked. Check it out on the AMBFAD jukebox if you have trouble getting into their site.

Full Tracklisting:
1. Jetstream
2. Kingdom Of Rust
3. The Outsiders
4. Winter Hill
5. 10.03
6. The Greatest Denier
7. Birds Flew Backwards
8. Spellbound
9. Compulsion
10. House Of Mirrors
11. Lifelines

I continually get into them more and more w/ each album, maybe this one will finally put me over the edge into real fandom. Seems they are doing some upcoming gigs in the UK as well, so my brothers and sisters across the pond should look for details on dates/venues.

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