Wednesday, January 07, 2009


The quality of the start of each new year is very contingent upon my calendar(s) at work. Don't know what it is, but staring at a great calendar in the midst of day of craziness is very zen to me. However, as I always like to try and get it for the inevitable after-Christmas 50% off...sometimes I end up having some trouble finding the one I actually want.

That was the case w/ the beauty above. As they didn't do a 2009 version of the Museum of Modern Art Vintage Monster Movie wall calendar I had up last year...I opted for the Vintage DC Comics Super Heroes deal you see pictured above.

It features archival-quality reproductions of Golden and Silver Age covers from the DC Comics pantheon. Each month's 11 x14 image is printed on heavy, 100% recycled paper with soy-based inks and (best of all) removes easily to fit a standard frame. Looks cool and is cool for the environment!

I saw it back in October at my local Borders and by the time I was ready to go and get it...gone. Same w/ the 3-4 other Borders, Barnes & Nobles and mall calendar shops I went to. Finally found it at a place nearby work and I was so close to ordering it from the publisher for full price. Nuts...I know.

...but is it as nuts as purchasing the same version of desk calendar every year since 2002? Call it superstition or OCD, but i've had the Cavallini Japanese Woodblock Painting one pictured above religiously placed next to my phone since then. *Serentiy Now!*

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createcafe said...

My wife and I have been using the same Cavallini Travel Poster calendar for about as long as you've been using the same desk calendar. You aren't crazy all alone!