Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday AFTERNOON Post (Who Edition)!

I got pretty busy w/ other things yesterday, so I decided to throw down the elusive weekend post on all y'all. I know there has been a lot of semi-cryptic posts as of late...some of you get them and some of you don't (or don't care). I'll provide more details later, when I feel like it. Suffice to say, i'm feeling good and ready to change things up a little...okay, A LOT.

Anyhow, I finished watching Season 4 of Doctor Who last night. I'm now completely caught up w/ the entire 're-boot' and can say w/out any pause...FAVORITE SHOW EVER. I ended up enjoying Season 4 more than I thought I would, even though it did seem a little heavy on hokey plot devices and the finale, while so fun it gave me a headache, got a bit crowded w/ all of the cross-over cameos. That said, it had a ton of great moments and I have to admit...I got misty (again) several times.

Yesterday, the BBC confirmed that Michelle Ryan (UK's 'Eastenders' and US's 'Bionic Woman' remake) will guest star as the Doctor's companion in the forthcoming Easter Special which began filming this week in Wales. 'Planet of the Dead', a story focused on a 'bus-trip which takes a very unexpected detour into danger', will premiere in the UK in the Spring (and, hopefully, shortly thereafter online for those of in the States). ALLON-SY!

Until then, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I finished Season 1 of Torchwood last week and will start in on Season 2 sometime soon. I liked it enough...entertaining as hell, but they could tone down the soap-operatics just a bit. Not too sure if I have any interest in the Sarah Jane Chronicles, that may be too far to the other end of the spectrum. Eh, we'll see after I start jonesing for some British Sci-Fi. fact, wonder when Season 3 of Primeval hits the Beeb America?

Anywho, tonight, 'THE CULT: LIVE FROM IRVING PLAZA' DVD or I finally subject myself to 'Wanted'. Not sure yet, but you enjoy the rest of the Weekend!


NFWTJesus said...

YEAH how SAD was Donna's fate. I found Season 4 of the Who-reboot to likely be the best overall, with Season 3 a close 2nd (although each season has its share of duds!).

During the penultimate episode during the last season my biggest "fan geek shiver" moment was when SJS heard the Daleks speak for the first time, and then ultimately in the final ep met up with the wheelchaired one for the first time since 1974! Yeah WAY too much going on in the finale, but fun nonetheless.

And speaking of the finale and back to Donna once again, I think part of the reason I liked this season best was BECAUSE of Donna--who I think has been the best companion to date (JUST beating out Season 1 Rose....Rose got on my nerves in Season 2 when her and the Doc were running around laughing at everyone and in every situation). And WHAT THE HELL happened to her TEEF when she returned in the last series (WHOOOPS-spoliers to the other 3 people reading this--ha ha!).

As for Torchwood, I think you'll find Season 2 of that a VAST improvement over the prior one. I truly got into it. Although in Season 1 of that show I liked the ones called "Random Shoes" and "Out Of Time" best.

Okay....geek shutting

EL FAMOUS said...

Yeah, I had heard about 'the teef' prior and that was most definitely a WTF moment. After I typed this, I actually went back that evening and watched the final two episodes of Season 4 again...there really were some total fanboy moments in that. The SJS reaction to everything was PERFECT.

As a whole, I really am having a hard time picking which season was my you said, each had some stellar episodes (and stinkers). Biggest surprise was just how much I dug Season 3, there were a few moments where Tennant's performance just blew me away. Plus, 'Blink' was just one of the best episodes of any TV EVER.

As far as Torchwood goes, the previews for Season 2 do look tons better...looking forward to it. ALLON-SY!