Tuesday, December 16, 2008


The boys are really getting into the whole Christmas thing. Owen pointed out this morning that Santa will be bringing him 'tasty sweets and toys' on X-mas morning (tasty sweets?)...Logan will excitedly point outside at each snowfall and say 'Look! Christmas!'...both are now pointing to things in ads/TV commercials and asking 'Daddy, tell Santa I want that?'...and 'Hi, Daddy!' has been replaced w/ 'Merry Christmas, Daddy!'

Anyhow, as I stated earlier, Frosty the Snowman seems to be even more popular than Santa in our household right now...like at Superman and Batman levels of coolness (no pun intended). The cartoon...the book...the song itself...everything. That may change next year once they better realize that the fat man from the North Pole is the one actually distributing the loot, but until then...this post is for my boys. SING IT!

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