Friday, December 12, 2008

Spend Some Holiday GREEN...on (RED)!

I mentioned it briefly in yesterday's post and i've posted up about it numerous times before...if you haven't finished your holiday shopping (or, really, even if you have), think about buying a little (RED). Again, each (RED)partner company creates a product with the Product (RED) logo. In return for the opportunity to increase their own revenue through the (RED) products they sell, a percentage of the profit is given to the Global Fund for AIDS/HIV awareness/relief.

I've been involved w/ (RED) as both a partner and a consumer since it started. The past few year's, i've always made sure at least a few of our gifts are from (RED) partner companies, even if they're something small. Considering you can do you part via purchases w/ American Express, Apple, Starbucks, Converse, Motorola, Gap, Armani, Hallmark, Microsoft, Dell and even GIRL Skateboards...there is an opportunity to do something good, regardless of your budget. Plus, really, it's cool stuff you'd think about buying anyway.

Get more info at and enjoy another classic U2 holiday cover while you're at it...

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