Monday, December 01, 2008

Merry X-mas To ME!

Last Christmas, I blogged about the most excellent 'Marvel Vault' museum-in-a-book dilly that I sort of gifted myself. A completely awesome historical retrospective of the mighty Marvel Comics and collection of reproduced promo items/memorabilia from over the was like several gifts in one.

Since that time, as i've stated on here before, I think i've slowly converted from a lifelong Marvel guy to DC Comics disciple. In the past few weeks, in fact, (thanks to my local library) I actually tore through both the 'Infinite Crisis' TPB and all FOUR volumes of the '52' series that followed...amongst other fine DC offerings. To be fair, I also read Marvel's 'Civil War'...but it just didn't have the same oomph.

Anywho, it's fitting that the same company who did the Marvel vault just recently released a DC version as well. Looks to be just as cool and, just like last year, they had a stack of them at I grabbed one to have placed under the tree for me. Hey, I was there picking up a mega-sized box of x-mas bows for the wife anyways!

This baby includes early sketches, covers, memos, press materials and tons more. From a working reproduction of a 1942 Junior Justice Society of America a series of Public Service Announcements starring Superman and the original pencils and inks for Wonder Woman contains more than 25 plastic-encased archival pieces to pull out and examine - all while learning about the artists, writers and heroes that make up the DC Universe.

This is another stellar gift idea for the comic book geek (old or new) in your life and, unlike Oprah, this 'favorite thing' of mine will only set you back $30. Worth every penny!

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