Saturday, March 14, 2009


As stated earlier, finally went to see the Watchmen flick last night and really enjoyed it. I had no problem following along w/ everything that was happening and it was definitely a nice feast for the eyes. The acting was okay as a whole, but Jackie Earle Haley was pretty great as Rorschach. All said and done, completely engaging film for it's almost three-hour length and i'd give it a thumbs up.

That said, we'll see how I feel about it after reading the book. I do think I made the right decision to see the flick first, as I had no preconceived opinions of what it should or shouldn't be...just enjoyed it at face value.


NFWTJesus said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this too, but WOW was amazed how full on bloody violent it was.

Not that I was complaining for myself, but this fact was all the more underlined by some ASS father who just HAD to bring his 7-8 year old son.

I mean there's nightmare material in this flick to last for years for that kid. THAT was the ONLY thing that made me not full on enjoy the flick. Otherwise, pretty great job I thought (of course I'd not read the book since the early 90s....).

I thought the casting especially good too--Rorschach, Comedian, Night Owl, and the big blue guy especially.

EL FAMOUS said...

Yeah, the comedian was especially good as well. The CG for Dr. Manhattan was pretty good, but there were few spots where it seemed a little wonky. Billy Crudup (SP?) did a nice job w/ the role though.

That dude gets the 'Father of the Year' award for taking a 7-8 year old to