Wednesday, March 11, 2009

BIG in Japan...

Awesome! I remember reading about/seeing the trailer for this back in 2007, but it looks like it's getting a proper (albeit limited) U.S. release this month! It's a mockumentary/send-up of the Asian 'giant superhero/monster' movie/TV show, which (if you've been reading my blog) is right up my alley.

The just of 'Big Man Japan' (AKA 'Dai-Nipponjin' in it's home country) , a middle-aged slacker living in the slums, is also occasionally shocked by bolts of electricity that transform him into a stocky, stick-wielding giant entrusted with defending Japan from a host of bizarre monsters. Better yet, unlike the gigantic national heroes before him, he is a pariah among the citizens he protects, who are more intent on complaining about the noise and destruction of property he causes than thanking him.

Co-written/directed/starring one of Japan's biggest comedians, Hitoshi Matsumoto, this really looks like a pretty funny flick. Like I said earlier, it's a limited release as part of Magnolia Pictures/Magnet Releasing's Six Shooter you may have to look to your local art house cinema until it hits DVD. Until then, peep the trailer:

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