Wednesday, March 18, 2009

AMBFAD (Comic) Book Club

I know I should have knocked out 'Watchmen' while I was stuck sitting around at jury duty on Monday...but DC's 'Bizarro' collections am worst comix EVER! I had actually read the first TPB a while back, but the second has been sitting on my book shelf for a while. Figured a little levity would help make the time pass versus something (I never got called to a case BTW) as bleak as Alan Moore.

Anywho, for those unfamiliar w/ these both of these awesome collections, back in 2001 the usually stuffy DC Comics loosened their collective ties up a little and let more non-traditional/contemporary comic artists/writers take some humerous creative liberties w/ some of the cash cows of the almighty DC Universe. Between both books, you get some fantastic collaborations featuring folks like Harvey Pekar, Evan Dorkin, Patton Oswalt, Los Brothers Hernandez, James Kolchaka, Danny Hellman, Mike Doughty, Dave Cooper, Paul Grist and the list goes on.

Nobody is spared, from icons like Superman, Batman and Wonder more obscure characters like Kamandi, The Red Bee and The Demon. As I enjoy both traditional and more underground/alternative comics/art and have a pretty twisted sense of humor, 'Bizarro Comics/World' is the best super team-up ever! Both volumes have been out for a while now and should be easy to find at your finer comic shops. To note, the first is a little stronger than the second...but they're both so worth checking out.

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