Tuesday, March 03, 2009

AMBFAD (Comic) Book Club

Finally got around to finishing all of the Hellboy TPB's yesterday, including both volumes of the Weird Tales collections...really fun stuff. Mike Mignola's art is cool and imaginative enough to hook you in, but he really is a fantastic storyteller as well. The way he fuses his characters into established folklore makes for really engaging reading. If you've only seen the flicks, I suggest picking up a few of these and broadening your horizons a little.

I started in on the B.P.R.D. 'spin-off' trades last night and it looks like it will be equally as fun. I like the Guy Davis aesthetic too, different than Mignola...but equally as fun to look at. My public library has all of 'em, good place to test drive a series prior to adding them to your collection and/or when $ is tight.

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