Monday, May 18, 2009

To Boldly Go, Where No Trek Flick Has Gone Before...

As I said on Friday, I caught that new 'Star Trek' flick and thought i'd step up w/ a tad meatier review today. I've never been a 'Trekkie' by any means...watched the original series here and there as a kid...caught the first 2-3 films and really only liked 'Wrath of Khan'...caught an occasional episode of 'New Generation'...and then completely lost interest as the whole property became diluted by all the spin-offs. Leave it to J.J. Abrams to not only capture my interest again, but make a total geek over it.

This film successfully captures a lot of the best elements of the original TV series and infuses it w/ a more modern, more action-packed attitude. Don't take that the wrong way...there is plenty of substance here. 'Star Trek' just leans a little more on the fiction than the science and it works. I would have felt dirty watching it had it just been a sexier, younger version of the property and, while it definitely is both sexier and younger looking, felt pretty satisfied they blended it w/ an engaging story as well.

The flick is a fun twist on the origin story of the crew of the Enterprise. Via the plot device of time-traveled altered realities, the film really becomes a true re-boot and a fresh one at that. Abrams dipped into the old Trek mythos where appropriate, but never really panders to it either. As with the original, the relationship between Kirk and Spock is the foundation for the rest of the story and both Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto did a great job in making that happen. Actually, Quinto completely nailed the whole Spock thing and the rest of the casting worked well to boot.

Bottom line, a whole mess of fun and i'm thinking it is going to be pretty hard for any other flick to come close to beating it this Summer. I'm already stoked about the potential for a sequel and the film has only been out for a few weeks. Whether your a sci-fi nerd like myself or not, you'll enjoy this...or may I choke on a Tribble.

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