Thursday, May 21, 2009

For Kids of ALL Ages...

Both the boys and I have recently been enjoying DC's 'Tiny Titans'. Kind of an Elementary-school version of the Teen Titans, it's a really fun take on the 'DC Universe' that you can enjoy with your kids. The 'Dynamic Duo' kept getting into my Wizard magazines to further quench their growing thirst for Superhero knowledge and, quite frankly, some of the stuff within is just a little too graphic for them to be taking in right now. Well, at least that's what Wonder Woman (AKA Mommy) thought.

So, I started grabbing a couple of back-issues of the 'Tiny Titans' and the recent 'Super Friends' comic based on the toyline. They are both kid-friendly as all get out, but the latter is rife w/ a lampooning of the actual characters I can appreciate as well. I mean, where else can you see Darkseid as the school lunchlady? Plus, the art by Chicago's-own Art Baltazar is really fun to take in. Highly recommend whether you have kids or not.

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