Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday Bonus Track...

I have absolutely fallen in love w/ this song (and the album it came from) all over again.

Soul Asylum in 1988, performing 'Sometime to Return' on what may have been MTV's 120 Minutes or some other short-lived variety show from when that channel was still cool.


NFWTJesus said...

Definitely HT was one of their finest moments for me, if THE finest moment overall (and I'd think this material here from You Tube if it is from MTV, must be some "raw material" as definitely the expletive is intact here-would've certainly been bleeped upon broadcast).

For me it was HT and then the EP "Clam Dip And Other Delights"--never bought into the Bon Jovi version of the band during "Grave Dancers..." even tho that's when I saw them in Chambana....along with Westerberg (and I think GOTTA be with Skinny alongside me in the audience). That WAS a good memory for sure tho.

EL FAMOUS said...

Yeah, 'HT' is definitely my favorite, 'Clam dip' is great too...but I also like 'Made to Be Broken'. Kind of maligned for being Husker Lite, but I like it.

I wouldn't have known about them (and 15 billion other bands) prior to 'Gravedancer' if it wasn't for Skinny being such a huge fan in college.