Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Needs More Magneto...

In another late review, I actually went and saw 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' last Friday to kick off the Summer-popcorn-movie-palooza (and get out of the house). It was fun enough, but suffered from some of the same foibles the actual 'X-Men' flicks did. The flick started off pretty focused actually, but (like 'X-Men') it ended up feeling overcrowded w/ too many couldn't feel invested in any of the characters.

That said, the casting was pretty damn good. Hugh Jackman took another decent turn at Wolverine...Liev Schreiber was actually a pretty awesome Sabertooth...Taylor Kitsch played a great Gambit...but the biggest surprise was how much I liked Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson (AKA Weapon XI/Deadpool). 'The Merc w/ a Mouth' doesn't get that much screen-time, but enough to kick-start a possible spin-off.

Throw in some eye-catching big ole' action sequences and you've got a pretty enjoyable flick for the most part. Not sure if those w/ no X-Men comic experience will do w/ it...they could like it more via lack of preconceived ideas or less than us geeks who revelled in the subtle nods to the Marvel Universe throughout. See it for yourself and decide, bub.


C. Greene said...

Caution: Spoilers for those who haven't seen the movie!

I liked Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson as well but did you notice that they had someone else play Weapon XI? I hate when they do that!

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