Thursday, April 02, 2009

Runnin' (or Walkin') w/ the Devil...

As most of you know, i'm a huge sneaker freak. Additionally, i'm a recovering Van Halen fanatic as well. It seems both worlds will be colliding at some point, when Eddie Van Halen releases his official EVH Shoes...exact replicas of the 'Frankenstein Guitar' inspired black/white/red striped motif he wears.

No word on when they'll actually be available, but you can keep checking his website, you can buy replicas of nearly everything he plays and wears, from his signature Wolfgang guitar for you guitar nerds, which he used on the band's last tour (upgraded over two and a half years to what he calls "NASA quality"), to the aforementioned kicks.

Frankly, i'd just settle for a decent Van Halen album...but a new pair of shoes will do for now.

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GuitarShred said...

I am also a recovering VH fanatic and I've never seen or heard of these before! As much as I love Eddie and his guitar playing, I don't think I'd take any fashion cues from him. Maybe these shoes would go with his candy cane socks from this 1981 concert video: