Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Like Clyde, STILL Rockin' Steady....

Awwwww yeah. The Beasties are coming correct w/ more re-mastered goodness. 'Check Your Head' will get an audio face lift next Tuesday, 7-Apr and I cannot wait! I must have played the original cee-dee a million times back in college and, for that matter, well beyond. Like 'Paul's Boutique' before it, 'CYH' continued to change the face of hip-hop as we knew it by adding live instruments into an already eclectically funky pastiche of crazy samples.

Unlike the re-mastered 'Paul's Boutique', 'CYH' also comes w/ a big helping of b-sides, remixes and other goodies. To note, big fans of the band may have caught some of those extras back in the day, but there were still a nice amount I hadn't heard before. I'm also hearing early reports the remastered version of the original tracks aren't as much of a noticeable improvement as what we heard on 'Paul's'...but it still seems worth freshening up your catalog with.

You can stroll on over to B-BOYS DOT COM and listen to the entire package right now. C'mon, know it's whatcha want to do.

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