Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ohhhhh...MAGIC BUS!

Yikes! I got so busy w/ a family-filled weekend, that I didn't even notice the second Doctor Who special, 'Planet of the Dead', had aired across the pond on Easter Sunday! I sat down with it this morning after the kids went to school (thanks YouTube!) and wow...IT WAS FOOKING PHENOMENAL! I think I actually enjoyed it even more than the X-mas special and that was great spot of TV as well.

The story was so well written and David Tennant was, again, BRILLIANT as The Doctor. It made the whole experience of watching it extremely bittersweet...w/ both Russell Davies and Tennant leaving the series after the 2009 2-part X-mas special, it feels like a fantastic ride that you never want to end. Michelle Ryan as this go-round's companion, Lady Christina de Souza, was excellent as well. I'd love to see a whole other season of her and David, but (alas) that ain't in the cards.

That said, we'll have another special airing later this year prior to the big Tennant X-mas finale, in 'The Waters of Mars'...which looks pretty badass as well. Wonder if we'll find out anything more on those '4 knocks' and how they tie in w/ The Doctor's inevitable regeneration. Time(lord) will tell, I suppose. Allon-sy!

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