Monday, April 06, 2009


'Kingdom of Rust'

I was unsuccessful in posting up w/ a review last week, but good things come to those who wait. Appropriately, the new album from Northern Soulsters, Doves, is most certainly a good thing. I stated in an earlier post that while i've always enjoyed the band, that i've never quite achieved a hardcore fan status...'Kingdom of Rust' seems to be doing a great job changing that w/ each and every listen.

The album has one foot firmly planted in the band's Brit-pop origins (big swirling guitars abound), but, as with previous releases, they continue to broaden the scope of their sound to something much bigger. The Blade Runner-esque opener of 'Jetstream' slips into the rumbling Spaghetti Western-flavored title track perfectly and then explodes into the excellent pounding/fuzzy rock of 'The Outsiders'. If you aren't intrigued after that solid trifecta of tunes, I feel a little sorry for you.

Things keep moving in the right direction w/ the chiming anthem 'Winter Hill' and slow-burn to explosion of '10:03'. The band eventually stops to take a bit of a breath and brood a little on the ghostly 'Birds Fly Backwards', but actually snap back w/ a nearly-funky 'Compulsion'...a tune that even channels moments of Blondie. The whole dilly rounds out w/ more big-anthem goodness on 'Lifelines', cinching up a completely classic body of work. Bottom line, i'm SOLD...these guys are phenomenal.

The album drops tomorrow, 7-April and I can't reiterate enough how worth picking it up immediately is. I'll be absolutely flabbergasted should 'Kingdom of Rust' not make it onto my 2009 Top 10 and a tad surprised if it ain't on yours too. Seriously. I've posted two tracks already, but do yourself a favor and have one more from the AMBFAD jukebox...then, thank me later.

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