Tuesday, February 17, 2009

These Are The Damned(est Cool Posters)!

Way cool. 'Friend of the Blog' and fellow music/sci-fi/pop culture geek, 'The Jesus', has decided to share his collection of ORIGINAL vintage British Horror Film Posters w/ the world-wide-web via his Flickr Page. To reiterate, these aren't reproductions, but the real deal...some of which actually hung in movie houses back when they were first released.

I've posted some of my favorites from his collection here ('Red Death' is one my favorite posters EVER), but you should pop over and see the real thing pronto. Nicely done, Chris...and i'm sooo jealous.

1 comment:

NFWTJesus said...

Thanks for the kind "nod" bro...

Glad you dugg'em. Hope others will too.

My fave is probably the quad of Quatermass and The Pit (great film too!). Doctor Who stole a lot over the years from Quatermass (this one and the other movies and inspiring TV show).