Thursday, February 05, 2009

Now, THIS is Art...

By way of Electronic Cerebrectomy, a couple of pieces featuring pretty much a TV 'who's-who' of my youth. You can check out more cool stuff from the artist, Dusty Abell, at his DeviantArt Gallery.


NFWTJesus said...

Because I'm "that guy"--WHAT, no Blue Falcon and Dyno Mutt (geez!).

This is pretty fun though, and he's seemed to catch pretty much everyone else. I prob would've included the Japanese characters like Speed Racer, Space Giants (mentioned here before I know) and Spectreman!

Even though if I saw those in the 70s after school TV, they prob date back more like to the I'm probably technically "wrong" for wanting him to include them. Ha. Geek.

EL FAMOUS said...

Those are all live-action Saturday shows...probably why Blue Falcon wouldn't make the cut. If it was toons as well, i'd have cried foul over no Super Globetrotters.