Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'm a Total Sucker...

I really wasn't that much of a fan of the trio of X-Men flicks. The first two weren't horrible, but the third installment was barely entertaining. The whole lot of the films were just a little too over-stylized for my old school tastes and only scratched the surface on some of the main characters w/ more complex (and interesting) backgrounds. Really, like 'Spiderman 3'...they ended up throwing too many good guys/bad guys into the mix and ended up w/ something of little to no depth you could connect with.

So, when I heard they were doing 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine', I wasn't all that excited. Don't get me wrong, I thought Hugh Jackman did a nice job w/ the role...for such a great character, it just wasn't written that well. Well, after seeing a few more trailers and the stills above of the 'Weapon X' team and below of protagonists, Sabertooth and Gambit, i'm officially kind of geeked...

I was even more stoked to learn a similar film is in the works for one of the biggest (and best) baddies in the Marvel Universe...MAGNETO! I thought Ian McKellen did a great job w/ the role and it'll be fun to see him get more time on screen. Until then, watch all three of the most recent trailers for 'Wolverine' HERE and see what you think.

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